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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the rules?

Are there any official or cheat codes for the game?

  • No, there is not.

I want to SpecialCoin's, how do?

  • You should go to the specific page of purchase and follow the instructions there willing. To go to the page click here.

What can I do with SpecialCoin's?

There are now some types of utilities in the game. They are listed below:

    • Escape from prison
    • Hospital out
    • Buy items on the official trade game


Me and a friend are in a gang together. We attacked another user with much less power and lost! Why did this happen?

  • It is likely that the user you are attacked in a gang. This means that you not only attacked the user, but all his / her gang as well and they must have had a power greater than you and your friend.

Where can I find my ID number?

  • Each player has a unique identification number. You can find your own ID number, going to your profile and looking in his name. It is important if you are reporting bugs and to always quote this or we can not verify your account.
  • There are two ways to find another player ID. You can do the same way in which you find your own ID by checking profile or check the URL bar when profile and it will show at the end of it. The identification number of a player is also shown on your guestbook when leaving a message.


By heat my gang show up in the statistics of gangs?

  • His gang must have at least five to show the Statistics list.


How do I join a gang?

  • The best way is to contact the gang leader to receive guests. If you can not find a gang that will accept you, then you can join a virtual gang. If you are strong to join a virtual gang then your only option is to create your own.


That building is the best?

  • More expensive buildings generally give higher profits. However, changes more profitable drug round by round and is largely determined by the boats. Damn one boat purchase is totally random.


What is the use of captchas?

  • CAPTCHAs are used to make it harder to use bots and macros. Unfortunately all kinds of bots and macros can not be avoided with captchas.

Captchas because they are used during the game?

  • To avoid bot and use of script.

How can I increase my disposal?

  • To increase your disposal for now we use drugs to increase.

Why can not you share the same IP or PC with my brother?

  • You are free to use more than one account per IP, but not for PC. The reason is that we do not allow to have more than one account, please check the rules. If you and your brother want to play, then you have to play from different computers.

What did are the statistics?

  • Statistics are some of the properties of your character. Available statistics are: strength, defense. All status has a specific purpose in different situations. Strength and defense are important when you fight.

How can I be robbed and assaulted by factions the same player?

  • This is possible if your opponent first create a faction of attack and then make a single attack. The assault factions can run only after the assault, it is important that the planning began before the single robbery was executed.

How do I get out of prison?

  • There are three ways to get out of prison. Fast you can buy your freedom using SpecialCoin's bribe the guards with money or you can wait an hour of his departure arrived.

How do I exit the emergency / hospital situation?

  • You should wait or buy credits to use the private care.

How can I increase my level?

  • The easiest way to increase their respect is to do a lot of robberies. You can also increase their respect for attacking other players.

How can I attack someone?

  • Once your level up to ten will be automatically released the attacking options.

How can I kill someone?

  • In order to kill someone you need to be about 50% stronger than his victim.

Why was I banned?

  • In the preceding status message you can see the banishment of reason. If you have any questions, please contact one of our team members.

I heard that a staff member asked for the password of a user and then his account was abused. This can happen?

  • Team members will never ask for your password, it was probably someone claiming to be a member of the team and you should report the case to happen to you.

I heard that there are people using proxy websites / IPs to play Chaos City, I can do the same?

  • No, you can not use PROXY and you should report to if you know of someone who is using it.

What should I do if I find a bug in the game or someone tells me that there is any?

  • You must tell us so aware of the existence of bug and never try to take advantage of it or take advantage of it, for any attempt or illegal and prohibited action will cause punishment to you. The correct way to report a bug is to contact our team members.

Someone promised to give me SpecialCoin's if I paid him some money, so he took my money and gave me nothing. Can you help me?

  • No, we can not help you since payments not registered in our system do not receive financial compensation. Chaos City is not liable for loss of money in such cases. Be aware that it is forbidden to buy SpecialCoin's unofficial sources.

Is there any way to buy status of other players in Chaos City?

  • And it is not prohibited to sell or exchange status by SpecialCoin's or money by doing so both sides of the exchange process will be punished.

How do you differentiate the exchange of status of donations?

  • First we analyze the players' reports about possible illegal transactions and then perform a comparison with the records. We relied on the facts, any screen (print screen) players can help, but these screens do not determine our decisions absolutely. This means that we will act when we have sufficient evidence and certainty about the violation of the rule. Stressing that cases are extremely rare and you should not be afraid to give or receive gifts provided you follow the rules of Chaos City.

I was banned. Can I register a new account and keep playing?

  • No, you can not register a new account and keep playing while banned. You should wait until the complete banishment to come back to play in their previous account.

A friend of mine was banned and I wonder why, is it possible?

  • We do not discuss banições with third parties. Tell your friend so that he contact our team members for more information.

What are the penalties for infringement of rules?

  • This will depend on the rule infringed. Each case is judged individually and the circumstances of each case are taken into account, such as: severity of the infringement, at infringements recurrence, recurrence in the same or other infringements of varying severity.


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