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Ours History

Ours history

In mid-2009, an idea arises between two friends in a conversation about riding a browser game mixing various styles of others bringing the best experience and the only category. Where there was planted a seed which started working better ideas [continue]

The first part of the story of the game

To be able to keep my eyes open I found myself in a dark alley, I could not remember who I was or how I got there, I could not remember anything.

The black suit with white shirt and no tie was smashed, probably I had been beaten and had been left there to die.

I had no keys, wallet and cell phone or the only thing I could find was a piece of torn paper and handwritten in his jacket pocket, the writing was an address: 56th Street, 556.

Still sitting on the floor, I put the paper in his pocket and stood up, a side alley was a pizzeria restaurant on the other side there was a store of various items in the window and a TV told about a city. I went over and watched, was the local news saying, "crime in Chaos City increased by 20% last year, and the mayor has already announced measures to achieve the reduction of crimes ...".

I found that I was in a town called Chaos City, a town perpetuated by chaos and urban violence.

My stomach ached with hunger. Rummaged through a trash can next to the pizzeria and after a while found a few pieces of pizza edge and some tomatoes about to rot and did not hesitate to eat them along with the almost burnt edges.

Across the street there was a phone booth, went over and tried the phone book, the address I had no one registered.

I looked at the list of final and there was a map, ripped sheets and searched the place I need to go, my only hope to get information and help.

I looked around the corner the address the board informed so that he could place me and looked on the map. The address marked on the paper in my pocket was only 10 blocks away.

I went to the street following the map, to get to the place I came across a simple house, almost a shack, and the way I was received ... impressed me.


The history: the first part


The history: the first part

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